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Airport & Infrastructure

As per certain projections, by 2020, Indian airports are estimated to handle
  • 100 million passengers
  • Including 60 million domestic passengers
  • Cargo in the range of 3.4 million tones per annum
The broad contours of the airport development programme, as presented to the Committee on Infrastructure, are as under:

(Rs. in crore)
Particulars Airport Indicative Cost
Restructuring/ Modernisation for world class airports Delhi & Mumbai 15,000
Chennai & Kolkatta 5,000
Greenfield airports Bangalore, Hyderabad, Goa, Pune, Navi Mumbai, Nagpur (Hub) & Greater Noida 10,000
Upgradation 25 selected airports 7,000
Modernisation / Improvement 55 airports 3,000
Total investment by 2010 7,000

Source: Airport development programme presented to the Committee on Infrastructure (CoI)

The government has taken a number of measures to step up the airport infrastructure for the country. It has envisaged a modernization plan with a view to modernize 35 non-metro airports. On the lines of the successful model of the Central Road fund, the government is considering setting up the Essential Air Service Fund to support the country’s airport infrastructure.

Keeping in mind the huge requirement of funds for the development of airport infrastructure and the financial constraints coupled with other conflicting budgetary priorities of the government, the government has invited private participation in the modernization program of the major airports. Delhi and Mumbai airport development projects are being undertaken through public-private partnership ventures.

There needs to be an effort towards optimum utilization of the existing airports by addressing the problems of outdated infrastructure, inadequate ground handling systems and night landing facilities, and poor passenger amenities. At the same time it will also be required to create new airports at several places where there is a scope.

The Ministry of Civil Aviation has mandated that building / restructuring of airports be with a time-horizon of 50 to 100 years, in terms of Airport life-span and durability. While these initiatives taken by the government would surely yield positive results over a period of time, the government needs to identify the concern areas of the airport infrastructure.