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IndiGo IndiGo is built for people with things to do, places to be, people to see - who don't want to waste time, money or energy in the process. By minimizing the cost/time/tension of air travel, IndiGo opens up a country full of opportunities. With IndiGo, you've got a billion reasons to fly!

IndiGo incorporates the best hardware, software, interface design & personnel from around the world. The IndiGo team uses all of these resources to design processes and rules that are safe and simple, that make sense, and that cut waste and hassles, which in turn ensures a uniquely smooth, seamless, precise, gimmick-free customer experience at fares that are always affordable.

IndiGo focuses on doing one thing, and doing it well. That's why we have:
  • One type of airplane - brand-new Airbus A320s
  • One type of fare - low
  • One type of customer service - professional
  • One type of route - serving destinations within India
  • One way to deal with delays and cancellations - honestly
We believe that we can offer the lowest fares by staying focused, which keeps our costs down without cutting corners or compromising on things that matter. We spare no expense when it comes to reduce hassles, enhance passenger comfort and ensure on-time performance. Among the many IndiGo innovations are our seats, which are custom-designed to provide our passengers extra leg-room and our unique passenger boarding ramps that have replaced traditional boarding stairs, allowing faster and easier boarding and deplaning. We were the first low-fare airline in India to offer web check-in, and the first low-fare airline to receive Cat III approval for take-off and landing in reduced visibility conditions in Delhi.

The airline began commercial operations in August, 2006, offering low-fare service from Delhi to Guwahati and Imphal. As of March, 2007 IndiGo connects 13 cities across India with 52 daily flights, with a fleet consisting of eight brand-new A320 aircraft. We will add an additional eight aircraft in 2007, and six more in 2008 as we grow our low-fare services. Over the next few years we plan to expand our offering of consistently affordable fares, reliable schedule and great service to about 33 cities in India.

IndiGo is promoted by InterGlobe Enterprises and Mr. Rakesh Gangwal, a globally recognized aviation industry veteran. InterGlobe Enterprises has been a committed player in the travel and aviation industry for the last 16 years. InterGlobe Enterprises is the foremost travel conglomerate in India and enjoys a significant presence in the fields of airline & aviation management, travel related services, travel technology, travel distribution services and hotel development & management services. Its aviation management experience includes representation of 13 leading international airlines and offers services ranging from sales and marketing to revenue and route management. It also offers cutting edge distribution, technology and BPO services for the travel and aviation industries.

InterGlobe Aviation Ltd.,
Tower C, 1st Floor,
Global Business Park,
Mehrauli-Gurgaon Road
Gurgaon 122002, Haryana
Phone: +91-124-4060555, 4352500, 4352504
Fax: +91-124-4068536
Website: www.goindigo.in

Key Officials
Mr. Rahul Bhatia
Promoter and Managing Director

RK Singh
Principal Advisor to the Managing Director

Mr. Aditya Ghosh